Swedish road safety

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Swedish road safety and the traffic safe society


Swedish road safety

Swedish road safety

a meetingplace for increased road safety

Many road-users have a very low degree of awareness when it comes to risks and dangers.

Thorough changes to increase road safety and to diminish risk-taking on our roads must be implemented if we want to reach the new Swedish parliament´s goal from 2007 - "Vision Zero - A safe road traffic concept".

In order to achieve this goal it is a vital that current and future regulations are accepted more widely among road-users.

Swedish road safety

Testing while driving


Many road-users are killed in in alcoholrelated accidents...

Drink and loose

The absinence from alcohol consumption for drivers should be the norm as we often find ourselves in situations where we take decisions that only concern our own life but olso that of others.

A zero limit should be introduced without delay in order to be able to achieve "Vision Zero".

Drink and loose

Road safety and traffic safe sociaty



Red roses

Don´t Drink and Drive

Red roses


Road safety and traffic safe sociaty

Local traffic safety council

Already in pre-shool, special traffic safety councils governed by the local traffic safety council should be set up.

Both teachers, parents and children should be part of these councils. They should all work together which would result in an increased number of concrete proposals for improvements that could be handed over to the local traffic safety council for appropriate measures.

Thereby we will create an early and continuous influence on attitudes amongst the younger generation.

The engagement and involvement of the local authorities should also increase as the proposals are already approved amongst the people in the area.

Accident statistics

Awoid to be a number in accident statistics!

If you have received professional driving this will provide a good basis for avoiding accidents both where you yourself and your fellow road users are concerned.

If you, on the other hand not have put very much effort into learning, the risks increas considerably. This is also true if you allow your knowledge fall into oblivion. In any case you might end up on the newspaper placards and/or become a number in the accident statistics.

What can you do?

What can you do to avoid becoming a number in the accident statistics?

It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer - nevertheless I can give you some advice on the way.

Ø  Build up your own knowledge to be able to foresee other road users misjudgements and their consequences.

Ø  You should build up an adequate knowledge of your own ability to safely solve risk situations which you might encounter in the traffic.

Ø  You should remember being out in traffic entails mutual respect, personal responsibility and good judgment.

Ø  You must have empathy, especially with unprotected road users. Do not forget that not everyone out in the traffic has a driving licence.

Ø  You should be helpful towards lorry and busdrivers who need more space on the road than you.

Ø  Keep yourself continuously updated about and adhere to any changes in traffic laws and regulations.

Ø  You must continuously improve your ability to handle the vehicle you drive so that you, in a safe way, can deal with the complicated traffic environment of today.

Test your knowledge!

Are you ready to test your ability in common risk situation in the pictures below?

Test your knowledge!

Driving close to schools

Passing a bus

Residential area


Urban areas

Druid Driving under the Influence of Drugs, Alcohol and Medicines.

There are same details (one or several) in this picture sequence which can be of great help in order to discover a risk and which increase the likelihood of the danger occurring? You can discern this detail or details, if you look carefully at the pictures.

I hope this will help create better knowledge of different risks that exist in various traffic situations and that this knowledge will contribute to an increased number of safe drivers which will lead to improved road safety in our society.


Druid Driving under the Influence of Drugs, Alcohol and Medicines.

How can you contribute to safer traffic society?

Please read - Swedish road safety and the traffic safe society, Investigation and analysis of possible measures and you will find a description of t possibilities there are to improve the driver education and reduce the traffic's influence on environment as well as how we can come closer to "Vision Zero".

Swedish road safety and the traffic safe society


How to take a Swedish driving licence >>

Finally - let me wish you the best of luck in your efforts to obtain a driving licence!

Svensk Trafiksäkerhet

Ernst Donlemar

Yamaha 900 Diversion


Swedish road safety

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